What's so great about singing?

Promoting communication through singing and social interaction for people with forms of Dementia and their carers.



A quick internet search will show up a fair amount of information on the subject of "singing and memory".  Please do your own research; but if like us you just want to find a nice recent bit of work that's easy to read then "Singing and People with Dementia" might just be the one.  


Published by the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health in 2012 the author sets out a compelling argument as to 'how group singing can help people affected by dementia'.  


Put briefly group singing provides the opportunity for:


  • Increased wellbeing and value.

  • Here and now communication that is not dependant upon memory.

  • Sustained positive activity.

  • Improved relationships between care-givers and their cared-for.

  • Cognitive stimulation and reminiscence.

  • Organisation, structure and social activity.

  • Exercise, including movement and breathing.




The report can be followed by clicking on the above link.

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